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The operating system for your drone business.
Let IDRONECT OS do the administrative heavy lifting while you grow your business. From quote to invoice, manage and streamline all your projects and processes, flight planning, safety management, equipment and people. Replace more than 10 applications with 1 easy-to-use platform and start doing more business.

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Most drone businesses struggle with:

Too much administration

On average, professional drone businesses spend 1.3 days of preparation, administration, and coordination for every 30 minutes of flying. With IDRONECT OS the administration is maximally automated, freeing up time to spend it on more flying or more business.


When doing drone business, information is typically scattered over more than 15 sources, and sometimes between 10 and 20 different applications are needed to manage the business. Having an all-in-one platform and customized workflows, drone companies can leverage their efficiency to become leaders in their field and to show compliance to stakeholders and authorities.


Drone businesses reported that the main obstacle to do more work is the fact that they cannot scale without hiring more pilots or buying more drones. By increased efficiency and automated workflows, a business can scale without having to hire or buy.

Operational Control

When operating with multiple team-members, various drone types, in different locations, staying on top of all aspects can be quite a challenge. With IDRONECT OS, you can control your remote team in real-time, take quick operational decisions and increase again the efficiency of the business.


All resources in one application

All steps from the customer request to sending out the invoice after the flight are included in IDRONECT OS. The steps are nicely integrated into one easy to follow workflow that can be customized to your operation. And those steps include flight preparation, project planning, duty assignment, maintenance, risk assessment, logging, report creation, safety management, tracking and so on (in fact there are 48 features in the IDRONECT OS)

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Superfast project and mission planning (hours instead of days)

When using IDRONECT OS you can dramatically decrease the time spent on preparing, planning, and managing flights. With the saved time you can fly more, look for new projects, train staff or upgrade drones. In short, you can make your business more efficient and scale it to a higher level.

Maximum compliance

Thanks to IDRONECT OS you can eliminate the chance flying without all the right documents and make sure they are not expired. Thanks to our fully integrated checklists everyone is obligated to follow the same procedures throughout the whole company.

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Don’t just take our word for it

For IDRONECT OS, the opinion and the needs of drone pilots have the highest importance. Our platform is made for and inspired by you. We go the extra mile to continuously improve and develop features that make a difference for your drone management experience.

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