About Us

About Us

IDRONECT is a product made by Aviatize BVBA.

Aviatize is a Belgian company (bvba / sprl) founded in June 2015 by Tom Verbruggen (Msc Aviation Mechanics – Airline Transport Pilot) and Chris De Rouck (M.Eng Computer Software Engineering) .

The mission

The mission of Aviatize is to develop innovative digital applications for the aviation industry’s many processes, according to the newest developments in the field of digital and online applications (Saas : Software as a service)

Although the aviation industry is considered to be at the pinnacle of technology, with numerous actors and many detailed procedures, the management processes are still often being supported by numerous and rather basic tools (pen – paper –excel – word – access – …) and by expensive limited custom-made programmes.

As a first product, Aviatize developed a fully integrated Drone Management Application named IDRONECT.

IDRONECT is an end-to-end management platform for the administration, operation and compliance of drone flights, to help drone pilots, both professional and amateurs, to plan, perform and track drone flights in an easy and intuitive way.

We help to operate the drone easy, safe and legal with a few mouseclicks, on any device and any operating system from A to Z: from finding a customer, to planning a flight, to processing the data.

IDRONECT also connects pilots to the other actors in the drone ecosystem, such as authorities, air traffic management, drone manufacturers, drone schools, test centra, insurers, hardware providers etc.

IDRONECT history

In March 2016, IDRONECT was selected a start-up for the iMinds incubator programme iStart in order to develop the company and its projects.

In May 2016, IDRONECT won the Drone Hero award for most International company at the EUKA Drone Convention.

Located in Belgium, it has excellent access to a highly concentrated area of drone operators, authorities and key companies.