Right, time to crank it up a notch. Growing, accelerating and expanding our platform is a very exciting step for us to take. This blog article gives a bit of background info on how we got here, where we are going and what you may see from us in the future. For the past 4,5 years we – that’s mainly Chris,my co-founder and CTO and myself – have been working and developing IDRONECT before, during
White Memo IDRONECT “Fly More” Tom Verbruggen – CEO IDRONECT October 2018     To Fly More. To fly more with unmanned air vehicles, or drones as we will refer to them from on, that is. IDRONECT makes drones fly more and makes you fly your drones more. IDRONECT enables more drone flying and therefore contributes to growing the drone industry. This is our main objective and our promise. Our secondary objective is to connect
How To: New Notification Procedure for Belgian Drone Pilots — May 2018 When you made a flight scenario as shown here below, you added a title, pilot and drone and specified the height above ground for your flight. When the airspace category is determined and other risk parameters have been checked in the right box next to the chart, the resulting flight class in Belgium is 1B. (Note: In other countries, other risk parameters and mitigations apply, contact
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