You can now import your DJI logs in IDRONECT

Complete logbooks

The platform has exportable logbooks for drone pilots, drones, accessories and flights

The IDRONECT- Drone Management Platform comes with extensive logbooks for pilots, drones, accessories and flight scenario’s. Each flight can be timed (by pressing start and stop in the application) , logged (after the flight you enter manually the start and end times) or tracked (the tracker does it all automatically) and the details of the flight: location, drone, pilot, observer, accessories, scenario title, remarks are written straight to the logbook. The user can then filter, query and export the logbook in every direction, shape or form.

Besides a global logbook, the user can consult the separate logbooks of drones, pilots, scenarios (in case you flew for a certain customer) and accessories which makes it easier to view the details.

“I love it! I can check all my drone scenarios on every device, I get the latest maps and information straight away”

S. ingelbrecht