You can now import your DJI logs in IDRONECT

Connect to authorities

Flights that need permission from authorities are communicated straight from IDRONECT.

IDRONECTis connected to the authorities for which the regulations have been integrated. When regulations are integrated it means that the risk assessment for a drone flight has been intuitively integrated in the mission planning. But it also means that the consequences of that analysis have been integrated.

For example in Belgium:

Flight is planned and analysed as Class 1A flight? Then IDRONECT automatically generates the flight notification which is the consequence of such a flight. All you need to do is send it straight to the authorities from within your IDRONECT page. You will get the answer also in IDRONECT. Ready to fly !

“I love it! I can check all my drone scenarios on every device, I get the latest maps and information straight away”

S. ingelbrecht