You can now import your DJI logs in IDRONECT

Country drone regulations

Intuitive workflows are based on the local customised drone regulations for your country/area

IDRONECThas an integrated Drone Rule Engine which is extremely powerful. This is how we transform any drone regulation , whether it is national, geographical, local or even your own company rules, into a super smooth intuitive workflow that makes it so easy to fly legal and safe in that country, city, region or area.

What does this mean ? Follow the example here.

Within the IDRONECT dashboard you can click on the World Map. The map above opens up.

On the right side of the map a menu opens up that asks the drone pilot the basic details for the flight. Now here comes the power of the Drone Rule Engine which is integrated in IDRONECT. The two illustrations below show the benefit.

When the drone pilot has drawn his flight zone and flight path, he/she adds the identity of the pilot, drone type and planned height. IDRONECT automatically fetches the applicable drone rules for that country/city/area if they have been integrated. The drone rule engine transforms those rules into simple questions, checkboxes and dropdowns which the pilot needs to answer. Depending on the answer on those questions, IDRONECT knows which type of flight is now planned.

“I love it! I can check all my drone scenarios on every device, I get the latest maps and information straight away”

S. ingelbrecht