You can now import your DJI logs in IDRONECT

Dji log import

An intuitive way to connect your DJI flights with created missions in IDRONECT and log them in your logbook

Thanks to our DJIintegration every moment of a drone can be shown on the IDRONECTflight map, flight tracks can be played back. Accurate information about your flight time, flight mode, altitude, speed, distance, coordinates and battery is displayed in an easy to comprehend dialog.

All you need to do is sign in in your DJIaccount through the IDRONECTplatform and you can start using this function. In addition to displaying all this information. You can link your flights with existing IDRONECTmissions and have all your flights logged automatically in your IDRONECTlogbook.

This new feature is more useful than just for the fun of rewatching your flights on the map. In addition to having your flights logged automatically in your logbook. Your team members can watch how you flew your flight. This can be handy to show your manager how you flew but also to inform your fellow pilots about specific dangers you encountered during your flight.

Watch the video on this page to see how to link your DJI account with IDRONECT!

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“I love it! I can check all my drone scenarios on every device, I get the latest maps and information straight away”

S. ingelbrecht