The mobile app

Use this new app to let your online created scenario’s communicate with our mobile app which communicates with your drone! So you’ll be able to track your drone live and execute the missions you created online on the field or extend its uses through our API.

Live Tracking and geofencing


IDRONECT GO will give you the opportunity to see where your drones are located
on a map like shown on the screenshots. After you’ve created a scenario in the IDRONECT platform
you’ll be able to check the real-time information of your drones when you go to the field,
where they are and what they’re doing. The app will record your flight logs and place them automatically in
your IDRONECT logbook. Thanks to IDRONECT-GO the communication between the different
members of your team will be more effective because every team member can see what the drone sees en
communicate regarding all this.

Plan your flight in the platform and execute in the field


We’re now able to connect the online platform, the mobile app and your drone in the sky to each-other. You can plan your flight in our online platform and execute them on the field. The live data you see in the online applications are logged automatically in your logbooks.

We can build you a custom solution

Thanks to all the experience our team has in developing useful and easy to use tools, we’re able to build custom solutions for you!