Validation engine

The IDRONECT UTM platform is powered by state-of-the-art validation engine which makes it possible to validate (potential) drone flights before, during and after the flight. The validation engine can be set-up for any airport, region, state or country independently through our advanced country manager interface. New rules can be created, or existing rules can be modified and made available to airspace users in seconds. 


Realtime ADQ compliant data is synced from the Eurocontrol systems into the UTM platform which powers the Validation Engine and allows to give citizens a clear view of where can and cannot be flewn with UAVs. Extra data can be imported in common formats like AIXM, GeoJSON, KML and Shape. Temporary no-fly zones can even be created directly in the system. 

Easy to use

With the system you can set-up a public map interface for your country in minutes which allows the citizens to validate their flights easily. This map interface can even be made available in polished mobile applications which can e.g. be used on iOS, Android or Windows devices. 

An approval/rejection system which allows you to have pre-authorized accounts for professional users, is built-in by design. The system is SWIM enabled which allows it to integrate with existing ATM systems when needed. 

An open API is available to allow the industry to build cutting-edge solutions on top of the system!

Live tracking

The validation engine can be coupled with our realtime tracking solution which completes the UTM system seamlessly. Drone pilots know during any point of the operation whether there flight is still safe. When unexpected circumstances take over the realtime flight validation will automatically notify the drone pilot to change direction or to descend the drone. 

Interested to create a positive drone vibe in your country while upgrading airspace security to a pre-drone era? Get in touch!