White labeled drone reservation tool

Showcase: white-labeled reservation tool


We are happy to showcase you a platform we custom build for the Limburg Regional Airport. It’s a white labeled version of IDRONECT, designed for the custom needs of the Limburg Regional Airport.
Watch the video to get an idea of what we created!

What we created

IDRONECT created a custom platofrm for LRA, they’re now able to manage their flight
requests with multiple admins for the different flight-zones they created themself.
They see all the reservation requests in an interface where they can accept or reject them.
After this step they can see all the accepted and rejected requests in a calendar.
All these elements are very easy to integrate into your own website!


This video shows you what the possibilities are
for you if you are interested in your own custom platform.

Contact us through the form at the bottom of the page if you are interested!

Manage flight requests

LRA has the possibility to accept or reject the flight requests of their customers through a very user-friendly interface. LRA can see all the details of the flight their customers want to do and base their judgement on this information.


It’s easy for you to integrate our custom build platforms in to your own platform. We can help you with all these things and give a personal support, so if you’re interested, please fill in the contact form below.

Create custom flight zones

LRA has the possibility to create their own custom flight zones in a map, see the screenshot. The flight requests they get are for these custom build flight zones. Creating a flight zone is no rocket science, it’s only 5 clicks!

Interested in a custom platform like LRA? Contact us!