Success story: The Integration of a Smart UTM: Transport Malta Case Study

Meet the Team

Tom Verbruggen – CEO

Tom is an Aviation evangelist.

As a Master in Science , specialized in aviation sciences, he started his career in 1997 with Sabena and Sabena Technics as a Boeing and Airbus Maintenance Manager. His passion for aviation lead him to reach a childhood dream of being a pilot.

Tom identified an increased need for new digital solutions in the aviation industry to support monitoring and safety processes. Out of this insight, IDRONECT was born.

Chris De Rouck – CTO

Chris is a real IT wizz kid.

Chris graduated as a Master of Science with a major in Computer Science. He has a knack for using new technologies to solve real world problems. When he came in contact with Tom, he took the lead in defining the roadmap and delivering a proof of concept.

Chris believes in new disruptive and lean technology and intuitive design, all of which are key values used in IDRONECT.

Jack Waldeyer – Director

Jacques is a strategic mastermind

Jacques is an aviation entrepreneur and a retired Air Force Colonel – Military Pilot

Tristan Vermeesch – Full Stack Developer

Tristan eats big code problems for breakfast

As a Fullstack Javascript Ninja, Tristan loves to follow-up the latest and greatest trends in web development. He prefers component-driven design as he want to re-use stuff as much as possible throughout his application. He despises copying code inside the applications he works on as he prefer maintainability over hacking.

Lennert Van Kerckhove – Growth Engineer

Growth is Lennert’s specialty

Lennert is 23 years old and has a background in media and entertainment business with a focus on growth hacking and marketing in general. He also has experience with development and design.

Poly Stevens – Strategic advisor

Poly is a strategic mastermind

Poly is a retired Air Force Pilot, with a feeling for strategy.

Russel Phillips – Full Stack Developer

Russel is a software mastermind

As a Full stack developer Russel eats sleeps and breathes code.

Sajan Ashutosh – Full Stack Developer

Full Stack Developer

Black belt in karate, graduate in sociology, a full stack java-script developer, a lifelong learner, love to learn new arts, technologies etc.