Tom Verbruggen

Tom Verbruggen

Co-Founder – CEO

Tom is an Aviation evangelist.
As a Master in Science , specialized in aviation sciences, he started his career in 1997 with Sabena and Sabena Technics as a Boeing and Airbus Maintenance Manager. His passion for aviation lead him to reach a childhood dream of being a a pilot. Today he still is a Captain and Training Captain on the Dassault Falcon 900 Business Jet.

He advised several aviation companies and flight schools in how to comply with complex aviation regulations. He is also an accredited aviation auditor and approved ISO-9001 auditor. The old adagio in quality management “being better today than yesterday” is a driving force in IDRONECT, where Tom is watching over the continuous effort to making the application better and better, so to make flying drones easy, legal and safe for everyone, so that drones live up to the full potential.

Tom identified an increased need for new digital solutions in the aviation industry to support monitoring and safety processes. Out of this insight, IDRONECT was born.

Talk to Tom about one of his other passions such as long distance triathlon or globetrotting in general.